BSHS Alumni and Friends

Even after our time at Brown Summit, we remain tied to it — and to each other. As Proud Members of the Brown Summit High School Alumni and Friends Association, we work, we volunteer, we network and we share the spirit of the Brown Summit Yellow Jackets in our day-to-day lives.

Meet a few Proud Yellow Jackets Alumni and Friends and click through to read their stories.

BSHS Yellow Jackets Commitment

Learn how this Commitment impacts alumni lives.
George Donnell, ‘66 and Minnie Dunston Donnell
“I am a member and proud of it. Our commitment and dedication allows our history as Brown Summit Yellow Jackets to be manifested in our support of young people and to ensure that nobody is left out of opportunities for a better life.” 

BSHS Yellow Jackets Love

Learn how to share your Love through membership
Ronald Brown and Brenda Whitsett Brown
“My husband Ron and I have such fond memories of our days at BSHS where we met many years ago. With Yellow Jacket Pride, we encourage you to support our Association which will benefit our youth for future generations.”

BSHS Yellow Jackets Community

See how far this Community reaches.
Dewey “Clayton” Maxwell, ‘66
“The connection helps me stay connected to my community, which is important because I am able to make an impact where I live.  When I share my story about how I got my start, people are amazed and want to know more.

BSHS Yellow Jackets Family

Meet a member of the Family.
Doris Settle Maxwell
“My friends see the love I have for Brown Summit and they see the love I have when I give back to young people. My goal is to be a positive influence. I am deeply routed to Brown Summit and the spirit of the Yellow Jackets.”

BSHS Yellow Jackets Direction

Let the Yellow Jackets spirit guide your way forward.
Rebecca Milton Wright, ‘54
“Alums that I know took the pride and love for Brown Summit and used it to help mold them into the people they are; people that give back to the community and will forever do what they can for Brown Summit for what it is today.”

BSHS Yellow Jackets Inspiration

See how a little Inspiration can provide clarity.
Mary Sue Bell Graves, ‘41
“I remember walking into my first class when I transferred from Booker T. Washington High School. A lot has happened since then, but I will always have a special place in my heart for my time at Brown Summit.”

BSHS Yellow Jackets Connections

Meet someone that has a forever connection to the Yellow Jackets.
Jacqueline Brown Holden
“My grandmother, Annie Brown, was a teacher at Brown Summit and her former students talk about the positive impact she had on their lives and how she cared about them just like they were her own children.”  

BSHS Yellow Jackets Everywhere

I live in Kentucky, but my memories of the Yellow Jackets will always be with me.
Willie L. Settle
“My sisters, Ida (who is deceased), Josephine, and Patricia all attended Brown Summit beginning in First Grade. We have those memories. We have those first friends. We have all of what was given to make us the best we could be.” All that’s missing is you.